ShowPix Stock Content


SHOWPIX™ and StudioPix™ is equipped with 411 Stock Content animations and patterns for lighting design. This page show thumbnails still images for all the items. Use any of PixelArt™ Stock Content in combinations with effects to create unlimited one of a kind looks.

To view the Content listed here interactively you will want to download Echo™software (12.6MB msi) [Windows XP/VISTA] from the SHOWPIX™ or StudioPix™ support page under software downloads. Echo™ is High End Systems software program offering content visualization, management and upload capabilities as well as RDM management features. It also provides quick conversion of animations and images by mapping the files to the LED pixels of SHOWPIX™ and StudioPix™.

Note: For tips on preparing custom content, refer to the user Custom-Content-Preparation-Guide.

Folder names and description for still image thumbnails are listed here:

Lenses– Optimized static patterns to produce unique lens looks for wash light applications
Backgrounds – Animations with no black pixels to be used behind a transparent icon or moving image
Chasing – Changing animations that repeat patterns
Marquee – Frame by frame LED animations
Atmospherics – Natural, organic, and fluid movements and animations
Elegant – slow graceful flowing
Shimmer – sparkling and elegant
Fiery – flames, explosions, etc.
Spinning – rotating and turning animations
Icons – static images such as alphanumeric's, symbols, emblems
Realistic – representations of real life imagery
Flashing – strobing and flashing images

* Note, the images shown are SHOWPIX sized, the libraries for StudioPix mirror these files exactly but use less pixels, Download Echo™software for a detailed interactive view.

Expanded frame view of:

Lenses folder:

2. Lenses

SHOWPIX™ "Lenses" file expanded to show each frame

Icons folder:

1. Icons
2. Alphabet

SHOWPIX™ "Alphabet" file expanded to show each frame

11. Shapes

1. Lenses

2. Backgrounds

3. Chasing

4. Marquee

5. Atmospherics

6. Elegant

7. Shimmer

8. Fiery

9. Spinning

10. Icons

11. Realistic

12. Flashing