Replacing Loose Dimmer Module Mounting Flange Rivets

Updated:    July, 2008

Product:     SHOWGUN automated luminaire

Subject:     Replacing Loose Dimmer Module Mounting Flange Rivets

In some SHOWGUN fixtures, the rivets on the dimmer module plate have loosened making the plate less secure. Follow these steps to replace the
rivets with hex cap screws and keps nuts:

  1. Loosen captive screws and remove both head bezels.
  2. Disconnect all the motor wires and temp sensor.
  3. Remove 2 hex cap screw in the retaining plate.


  4. Position all flags closed before drilling.


  5. Remove temp sensor and drill out one rivet on each bracket using
    1/8” drill bit.


  6. Use 5/32” drill bit to widen hole in bracket and module plate.


  7. Install M4 X 10 sems socket cap screw and M4 Keps nut into new
    hole using a 3mm hex key and a 7mm nut driver.


  8. Repeat these steps for the remaining rivet on each bracket.
  9. Reinstall dimmer module plate, connect motors and temp sensor,
    and reintall bezel covers.