Light Optimizing

High End Systems Digital Lighting Products utilize RGB lighting projection devices, and are NOT hindered by the darker NTSC or PAL broadcast video color gamut limitations. Footage you acquire often utilizes this dimmer, darker color space designed for viewing on TV screens.

It's very simple to adjust the Levels and Hue/Saturation of your content for lighting projection. This will dramatically increase light output and your footage will automatically come up at full intensity when programming your production. We refer to this as Light Optimizing. The best time to Light Optimize footage or still images is in post production. This can easily be done with most image or video editing packages. ......100% brightness and saturation in the reds? Feel free.

Here you see some content before Light Optimizing and after.
content before Light Optimizing and after

After Light Optimizing this footage used by the Blue Man Group, the projected content is perceived as 2 to 3 times brighter.
2 to 3 times brighter content

Light Optimizing process.
Light Optimizing process

The example below shows the Light Optimizing steps to use in a common editing program.
Light Optimizing steps

Below are examples of several images before and after Light Optimization.
before and after Light Optimization
before and after Light Optimization