Chassis Intruded Error

Updated:  April 21 , 2008

Product:  Road Hog Console

Subject:  "CHASSIS INTRUDED " Error

An error message has been reported of Road Hog consoles using the ASUS P5B-VM model motherboard upon initial power up and booting of the system;





This error is due to the “Chassis Intrusion Jumper” losing its connection between the header pins.

Upon inspection, some of these jumpers may be loose between the contacts and the header pins. You also need to ensure that any routed wiring harnesses are not interfering or pushing up against this jumper that might also cause it to loose contact between the pins.


If the loss of contact was only momentary during transporting, resetting the power will allow the computer to re-boot and operate normally. The jumper should be replaced at the earliest convenience.


If the error message persists, the contacts are still open and the jumper should be removed and replaced immediately.

chassis intrusion jumper