Axon HD-SDI Card Installation and Support

Updated: May 11, 2009

Product: Axon Media Server

Subject: HD-SDI Card


Supported HD-SDI Card Model

The only HD-SDI card currently supported by the Axon is the Blackmagic Design "Decklink SDI" card.  There are multiple Decklink card models with similar names, so it is important to ensure that you specifically use the "Decklink SDI" model.

This card can also be ordered from High End Systems as p/n 90902061EF

Axon Models

This card can be added to any Axon or Axon SDI with the serial prefix 76CBxxxxxxx or higher.  The Intel motherboard-based Axons can not support the HD-SDI card option.

Installing a HD-SDI Card

Use the following instructions to install a HD-SDI video card in Axon units.

WARNING!  Disconnect power before servicing

Install the Card:
1. With the Power off and power cable disconnected, remove the top cover of the Axon MediaServer.

2.Locate an available PCI Express slot on the Axon Media Server.


3.Insert the High End Systems supported HD-SDI Card into the Slot.

4.Once SDI card is fully seated in the PCI Express slot, and the screw is replaced in the bracket to secure the card to the computer chassis, replace
the Axon server cover.

5.At this point reconnect all cables (video, DMX, USB keyboard and Mouse, and Power).

Reconfigure the Server
6.Reboot Axon media server.

7.Download and execute the Axon Recovery Image from the Axon Media Server Software Downloads Support page .

8.When the screen is displayed “Press Any Key To Boot From CD,” do so.

The computer will ask you to perform a “System Restore” select that option and follow the on screen prompts. During the software loading process, the screen will state that the unit is “Resealing.” After this screen appears, the unit will reboot on by itself.
When it does, you are ready to use the HD-SDI card in your Axon Media Server.