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HOGFactor Competition 2019 PL+S

This years’ entries for the PL+S competition are closed. You are warmly invited to experience the final show in person at Prolight + Sound on the 3rd of April in Frankfurt!

This year in 2019, the competition is back on a bigger scale than ever before, welcoming entrants from across Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East regions. The three successful finalist teams receive a chance to show off their skills in front of a crowd of potential future colleagues and employers in an amazing trip where travel expenses and accommodation are covered by High End Systems/ ETC!

The team that wins the finale in Frankfurt will take a HOG 4 family console back home!

The competition is open to all aspiring lighting practitioners, university students and apprentices from across Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East regions and will take place at Prolight + Sound on the 3rd of April in Frankfurt.

The competition will take place in 2 phases as follows:

Phase 1

This initial phase requires teams to register first, and secondly to program a light show using a visualization file, representing a live rig to a specified song. Each team can pick one of the below three songs to design to:

Ride by Twenty One Pilots
Google Play
HandClap by Fitz and the Tantrums
Google Play
Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus
Google Play


Once teams have programmed their show, they must then send a video capture file of their programming to the Hog Factor Panel along with the show file. The video can be programmed on either on your own Hog, or a Hog 4 PC which can be downloaded free of charge. The download will include a visualization file which will be made available to all teams.

Submission deadline of Phase 1 is February 26, 2019.

Phase 2

  • The three winning teams will receive a new set of songs in the first week of March, as well as the final rig of High End Systems’ PL+S booth. They will have one month to program a new lighting design to present in Frankfurt.
  • Only the top three shortlisted teams will be invited to Phase 2 of the competition. The three shortlisted teams are awarded a round trip as well as three hotel nights to PL+S in Frankfurt.
  • The Live Finals will be judged by a panel of experts; the top performing team will be and awarded their prizes.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

1. Grab your HOG 4 console or download HOG 4 PC now from our console product page here or

2. Download and install your visualization file here. Don’t forget to record your show with the correct audio track!

3. Sign up below as a group of up to three people to enter Phase 1 and show us what you’ve got ...

4. Brush up your skills?

  • Brush up your skills now with a training at a local HOG dealer! Find your local dealer on our website here or contact our team directly for HOG training options near you via email at hogfactoreu@etcconnect.com.
  • Surf the internet and discover our HOG tutorials here

5. Finished programming? Submit your file below!

Remember, the submission deadline is February 26th.

Competition Rules

  • Teams must consist of a maximum of three people. For the teams admitted to Phase 2: All participants should possess valid travel documentation and visa (if applicable) to qualify to receive the round trip to PL+S.
  • Teams must submit only one show presentation as an entry and the file should be marked as the team name.
  • Any files submitted where the team is not already registered will not be accepted.

Top Tips

  • Your design and performance will be judged on the following (in no particular order):
    • artistic impression (does the lighting tell the ‘story’ of the song)
    • timing
    • placement of cues
    • accuracy of live playback
  • There will be a lot of lights in the rig - use them wisely
  • There are more “movements” available to you than just pan and tilt, and each fixture has its own personality
  • For best results, remember where your audience is!

If you have any questions, please contact hogfactoreu@etcconnect.com

Good luck!